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Most homeowners want nothing more than to take pride in their homes. However, buying the ultimate dream home is out of reach for many, but it's possible to turn a good home into an ideal one with remodeling.


If you've already found the home you want and you're ready to turn those dreams into a reality, then let Pro-Home Services help you. We can improve or alter any area of the home to better match your personal tastes.


Kitchen Remodeling

Considering that most people utilize their kitchens at least three times a day, having a kitchen you love can have a major impact on a home's atmosphere. Our licensed and experienced craftsmen can aid in finalizing a design, including determining the layout, appliances, and materials used in remodeling.

We pride ourselves in creating functional kitchens with personality and style. We offer a large custom cabinet selection, multiple flooring options, a huge selection of tile back splashes, eco-friendly energy efficient lighting choices, and popular granite and style stone counter tops. Pro Home Services experts bring ideas to help you design and build your dream kitchen.

For bigger and better storage, we can offer a selection of large custom cabinets in a variety of different woods and finishes, giving you the space to organize your kitchenware and keep clutter out of sight.

Floors can have a surprisingly strong effect on the feeling of an area. Pro-Home Services has a variety of flooring options to choose from. You can also tie the room together with the help of tile back splashes or granite and stone counter tops.

In order to set the ideal mood while simultaneously helping to preserve the environment, our selection of eco-friendly, energy efficient lighting choices can create a warm and welcoming space like no other kitchen remodeling Glen Ellyn IL project can deliver.


After your kitchen is ready for action, some other amenities could end up rounding out your dream home.


Bathroom Remodeling

A high quality bathroom can have a strong influence on others' perceptions of a homeowner, especially when it comes to style. We can introduce our maximum storage cabinetry to house any and all products used in bathrooms, leaving a clear open space like no other bathroom remodeling Glen Ellyn IL has seen.

Functionality, ease of cleaning, and maximum storage are just a few criteria we take into consideration while designing and remodeling your bathroom. We use cutting edge materials to customize your bathroom remodel to fit your needs. The options are endless.

You can rest assured your bathroom will be up and running in all its glory when expected with our unique On-Time Bathroom Remodel Guarantee, wherein we ensure that your remodel will be complete within the quoted time frame. Why not get the reliable and stylish bathroom remodeling Glen Ellyn IL homeowners deserve?


Basement Remodeling

In addition upgrading the upper parts of the house, we can also give you more livable space in the basement as well. Transform your basement from storage space to living space with our basement remodeling. Our experts can design, build, and transform your basement into quality living areas.


What makes us different?

  • Your home is left clean every night, not just when we’re finished
  • We proactively keep you updated with the status of your project
  • We sweep driveways and yards with a MAGNET to collect nails
  • We protect your home’s plants, driveway, and sidewalk during remodeling
  • Our workers respect your privacy
  • We follow work site safety best practices to safeguard you and your family
  • We offer an industry leading 5-year labor warranty


Whether you plan on entertaining guests or just enjoying your home in solitude, Pro-Home Services can offer the basement, bathroom, and kitchen remodeling Glen Ellyn IL residents want most. Pro-Home Services will work with you every step of the way, so you can properly prepare for -- and enjoy -- your dream home.