About Us

Pro-Home Services has been delighting the most discriminating customers with new roofs, siding, windows and doors for more than twelve years.  Not only do we help you envision an exciting, refreshed home exterior with quality products, we install them with quality and care, at the hands of our very experienced, licensed, and certified team. Throughout the process, we protect your home and yard like it’s ours and leave a clean site every time.

We invite you to look through website, gallery and testimonials to see why people trust Pro-Homes. And why you can too!



What makes us different?

  • Your home is left clean every night, not just when we’re finished
  • We proactively keep you updated with the status of your project
  • We sweep driveways & yards with a MAGNET to collect nails
  • We protect your home’s plants, driveway, and sidewalk during remodeling
  • Our workers respect your privacy
  • We follow work site safety best practices to safeguard you and your family
  • Industry leading 5-year labor warranty


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