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New siding can transform the look of your home. We understand that every home is unique and every decision reflects the personality of the homeowner. Pro-Home Services aids in the siding selection process by bringing samples right to your door. Over several years of installations, we have captured many before/after pictures of past installations to spark your creativity. View the helpful links below or our gallery for ideas.


Several quality siding options to choose from (click to learn more):

The LP SmartSide Siding Family

LP® SmartSide® products deliver all the warmth and beauty of traditional wood, plus the durability and workability of engineered wood. The SmartGuard® manufacturing process actually improves upon nature, creating products that are engineered for strength, performance and protection against fungal decay and termites. The LP® SmartSide® family features four distinct product collections, all backed by an industry-leading 5/50 Year Transferable Limited Warranty. Require a finish coat of paint.

LP SmartSide Lap
The LP SmartSide product line features a variety of lap siding solutions, all available in 16-foot lengths for fewer seams and faster installation. Lap offerings are available in three of our product collections. Each grouping offers a variety of unique styles and profiles.

Architectural Collection

Precision Series

Colonial Beaded Series
LP SmartSide Cedar Shakes
LP SmartSide Cedar Shakes are among the best-selling products within our distinctive Architectural Collection. They offer an easy and affordable way to achieve the look of authentic cedar shakes, and they can be used on the entire home or as a decorative accent with any siding.
LP SmartSide Panels
LP® SmartSide® panel options are available in three of our product collections. Each grouping offers a variety of unique styles and profiles.

Architectural Collection

Precision Series

Vented Soffit

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is the most popular choice for remodeling, new construction, and even historic renovation. Vinyl delivers the look of wood with maintenance free, warm, quality appearance that won’t split, peel or rot like wood. The attractive, fade-resistant colors go clear through the panel so it never needs to be scraped, stained, or painted.

Extensive selection of vinyl siding options to meet your needs perfectly

Alside - Because Life is for Living
Alside Solid Core Insulated Siding
A precisely contoured insulating underlayment delivers exceptional R-value (resistance to heat flow), while providing the rigidity and straight course lines like a high end wood product. The surface texture has the genuine and subtle feel of finely milled cedar lumber. Prodigy’s high-performance insulation is form-fit to adhere to the outer panel, providing outstanding strength and durability to withstand Mother Nature while safeguarding against energy loss.
Alside Traditional Siding
Charter Oak® is Alside’s flagship siding product, combining authentic wood beauty with unmatched durability, performance and maintenance freedom. Alside’s exclusive TriBeam® Design gives Charter Oak superior rigidity, while a double-thick nail hem enables it to withstand high winds. Charter Oak has been independently tested to resist Category 5 hurricane-force winds. The Charter Oak family of products are available in 14 of today’s most popular colors, plus 11 deeper, richer colors from our exclusive Architectural Color Collection.
Alside Shake and Scallop Siding
When it comes to details, we know exactly what you want. Classic and contemporary styles, colors that contrast or complement. The choices are as varied as your imagination. Choose the shakes, scallops or shingles that complete the home of your dreams. Your personality is in the details. Richly detailed Architectural Classics® vinyl accent panels are designed using historically accurate patterns and dimensions. They're made to provide all the luxurious beauty of traditional wood shingle siding installations, without the required maintenance.
Alside Soffit Systems
Maintaining the eaves and overhangs of your home can be a chore. Easy-care Alside soffit provides a beautiful finished appearance while providing the ventilation you need to remove excess heat and humidity from eaves, overhangs and attics. All of our distinctive designs are available in both solid and vented panels. Solid panels can also be used for a striking vertical siding installation, adding interest to entrances, dormers or gable end walls.
Alside Aluminum Rainware System
Our Rainware System components are designed, manufactured and custom installed to effectively channel the water running off your roof. That’s important to maintain the appearance of your home and the landscaping, decking and concrete around it.

Mastic Home Exteriors by PlyGem


Vinyl Siding by Mastic
The robust offering of design options and styles from Mastic Home Exteriors tell all. Mastic products bring your dream home to life, because with Mastic, it is all about options — from siding profiles to textures to styles, including clapboard, shingle, shake and scallops. And don’t forget the accessories, from shutters to columns to trim. With Mastic Home Exteriors you’ll find the complete package, all in a staggering array of 35 popular colors. Our rich, deep hues are engineered and tested to resist fading.


How do all the options come to life on your home? Experiment with combinations and see for yourself what your home can become with a true Designed Exterior. Then Pro-Home Services will take it a step further with Dreamhome Professional visualization software. This amazing design tool allows us to take a photo of your home then customize it, so you can dream it, and see it brought to life, right in your own home.

Mastic siding is backed by a limited-lifetime warranty. So you know your home will look incredible and require virtually no maintenance for years to come.

Structure Home Insulation System
Structure Home Insulation System is made with a premium, recycled-content vinyl siding panel permanently bonded to expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam to provide superior looks and performance over traditional vinyl siding. It delivers natural beauty, significant insulation properties and increased impact resistance in a wide-style clapboard look.
Lap Siding
The simple lines and ease of installation have made lap siding the most popular cladding for homes. The vinyl siding styles today include many different textures, shadow lines and colors to meet individual preferences. Mastic offers 13 different traditional lap siding product lines, standard lap panels from 3" to 7", Dutch Lap profiles, and smooth or multiple wood grain finish options.
Shakes and Shingles
Shakes and shingles trace their history throughout American home styles. The rough split look of Mastic's Cedar Discovery Hand Split Shakes or the more uniform look of Perfection 5" or 7" shingle all offer an authentic appearance, but they eliminate the significant weakness of real wood products - wood rot. With Cedar Discovery, you can enjoy the true American look of wood, but without the lifetime of maintenance or repair needed with real wood products.
Ventura offers a smooth, clean profile with softly-recessed vertical lines. The attractive, sleek finish adds a sophisticated touch as an accent, wainscot or full-house cladding. Ventura Musket Brown color and vented products are not warranted for sidewall use.

To explore the vast combinations of color, style and texture offered by Mastic firsthand.

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Leaf Relief Gutter Solution

Say goodbye to clogged gutters due to leaves, ice and snow. Leaf Relief®, the leading gutter protection system on the market, keeps gutters clean year-round. Simple to install without disturbing roof shingles, Leaf Relief fits most gutters and is backed by a 25-year “no-clog, no-overflow” warranty.

What makes us different?

  • Your home is left clean every night, not just when we’re finished
  • We proactively keep you updated with the status of your project
  • We sweep driveways & yards with a MAGNET to collect nails
  • We protect your home’s plants, driveway, and sidewalk during remodeling
  • Our workers respect your privacy
  • We follow work site safety best practices to safeguard you and your family
  • Industry leading 5-year labor warranty


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